GEA Compax Compressors
GEA Compax Compressors

GEA screw compressors are well-suited for industrial refrigeration and air conditioning. GEA offers one of the largest and most extensive screw compressor portfolio. They are designed with a special focus on energy-efficiency, reliability, safety and easy maintenance.

  • Using the natural refrigerant ammonia in compliance with 2015 F-gas regulation
  • Best efficiency thanks to a wide speed and Vi range as well as the characteristics of ammonia
  • No external piping
  • Space-saving and easy to package
  • Reduced number of connections
  • No shaft seal

GEA CompaX is the world’s first semi-hermetic compact ammonia screw compressor.

Model Swept volume flow at 50 Hz / 87 Hz (m³/h) Max. cooling capacity at 87 Hz (kW) Dimensions (mm) Suction side (mm) Discharge side (mm) Weight (kg)
GEA CompaX 700 708 / 1,232 1,300 2,011 826 889 DN150 DN125 1,740
GEA CompaX 900 870 / 1,514 1,600 2,062 826 889 DN150 DN150 1,835

One compressor design for all standard refrigerants. For air-conditioning applications, normal refrigeration and deep-freezing. Maximum allowed operating pressure: 28 bar, Gas like R134a, R404A, R507, R407C, R22

High refrigeration capacity combined with minimum power requirement

  • Optimized gas flow
  • Efficient service valves
  • Minimum clearance volume
  • Powerful economic drive motors