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Reciprocating Compressors for industrial refrigerationSeries Grasso

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Reciprocating Compressors for industrial refrigerationSeries Grasso

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Reciprocating compressors

GEA Grasso 5HP series

Reciprocating compressors: the best choice to reduce your energy costs Freezing applications. The extremely low volume flow in relation with the cooling capacity makes this series to a big performer.

Condensing Units

SHA/SHG Condensing Units

With the current series of units, GEA offers you a comprehensive range from 6,4 to 146,9 m³/hdisplacement. The stated performance data is based on 20°C (25°C) suction gas temperature with liquid subcooling at 60 Hz.

Screw Compressors

GEA Grasso screw compressors

GEA Grasso screw compressors are well-suited for numerous cooling and air conditioning technology applications. We place particular value on energy efficiency, reliability, cost efficiency and sustainability.

Grasso Compressors & Parts

We are among the leading Suppliers and Exporters of an extensive range of Grasso Compressor and Spare Parts. Our Grasso Compressor Spare Parts are available in various grades and specifications to meet the diverse requirements of the clients.

Reciprocating compressors - commercial

Reciprocating compressors for CO2 freezing and NH3 heat pump applications.

Reciprocating compressors - industrial

Reciprocating Compressors for industrial refrigeration.

Screw compressors - industrial

Screw compressors for the industrial refrigeration and air conditioning.

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Grasso Compressor RC 11 - Parts

RC 211, RC 311, RC 2111, RC 411, RC 3111, RC 511, RC 611, RC 4211, RC 5111, RC 911

Grasso Compressor RC 12 - Parts

RC 212, RC 312, RC 2112, RC 412, RC 3112, RC 612, RC 4212, RC 5112, RC 912, RC 6312

Grasso Compressor RC 9 - Parts

RC-29, RC-49, RC-69, RC-219, RC-429, RC-6 Tambien disponibles

GEA Latest Models

More than 1000+ parts for different models. See More

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